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 Who's Sequoia?


After a social circus volonteery work with Cirque du Monde in Brazil in 2006, Alexandre and Josiane start to work and live together.




Therefore, they begin their training at the École de cirque de Québec. They dedicate their lives to mix circus and social work through the arts. In 2007, they go to Honduras with the Cirque du Monde and Jeunesse du Monde to works with young at risk in a dangerous neighborhood of Tegucigalpa. Thereafter, they continue their journey in Peru, Mexico, Haiti, Thailand, Cambodia, United States, Belgium, Britain, Portugal, Polona, Hungary and Quebec.


In summer 2006 , they create the first fire crew in Quebec City. ``FogoRasto`` with which they did more than 300 shows around the world. Josiane and Alexander have perform in several major events; Loto- Québec Fireworks International Competition, The Québec City Summer Festival, The Montreal Jazz Festival, Quebec Winter Carnival, Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle - France

( Quebec ), Liceu de Las Artes (Brazil), Maison de la Culture ( Honduras), Festival Tini Tinou (Cambodia), Fire Fantasia (Thailand) Festival de Cirko Mazunte (Mexico), several events in Britain and the Festival of Carnival

Arts of Namur (Belgium) are some example.


The Sequoia project was born in 2011. It is presented for the first time at '' Montreal Jazz Festival '' (2012 ) and the '' Festival of Carnival Arts '' Namur in Belgium ( 2013). And several other events in Quebec. In the summer of 2014, they toured New Brunswick , Nova Scotia , Gaspesie, Quebec and Montreal they did more than 40 performances of Mani'Tou (fire) and Sequoia (juggling).

In 2016 they  create a cooperativ space fort tranning circus in Québec City : Caravane Coop.







Alexandre Seim

Alexandre is a'' Geek'' in object manipulation.

His training in circus arts began in 2004 soon

his arrival in Quebec City. First he specializes in diabolo,

acrobatics and then he discover the contact staff. He spends the majority of his time to innovate in this art that requires agility and flexibility.

He train at the circus Shool of Québec on chinese pole.


 Passionate about social causes, Alexandre put up several social circus projects  worldwide with Josiane. He is also a Muralist Teacher in a reintegration plan.



Josiane Lamoureux

Multidisciplinary artist, Josiane dance with fire since 2001.

In 2005, after a few month training at l'academie Capoeira Sul Da Bahia Québec. She whent traveling along in Mexico. Than she meets de circus at Circo de Mente (Mexico). When she's back, she start a big relation ship with circus art. She take courses with Cirque du Monde and at the  Circus School of  Québec and several work shop and privat class.



Josiane create and mixing juggling, handstands, hula hoop, dance, capoeira, clown and Chinese pole. In FogoRasto and Sequoia, she made ​​the costumes, makeup, working in the staging and choreography. 


Josiane is also an instructor of social circus since 2006. 

She's teaching at Baie-St-Paul for Cirque du Monde since 2010 and Quebec City for the summer and on the intensive project and creation.



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